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What is RouteX MAX™?

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RouteX MAX™ is the second generation of RouteX™.  The network is expected to be online by 2023. The following are the designed characteristics of RouteX MAX™.

  1. Peer to Peer Content Encryption

  2. Device to Device Connection.

  3. Multi Layer Encryption

  4. Jamming Resistant Modulation

  5. Anti-Interception

  6. RouteX MAX™ Applications

  7. Device RouteX MAX™ Management Software​

  8. 99.9% proposed outdoor coverage in the Continental US

  9. 99.99% core up time.

  10. Three routes of communication

  11. 1Gbps+ Duplex link Connection

  12. Self Healing

  13. Sub Network Creation

  14. Supports Encrypted Live Streaming

  15. Data Chain of Custody Records

  16. Unaffected by public network congestion

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