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AF4MT - Mason Turner

Class Materials

I would like to give a big thanks to Gary W4EEY for providing the following materials for educational purposes. And also Dan KB6NU's no nonsense study guide has been a very helpful tool.

Chapter Materials are HYPER LINKED!!!!!

Materials Needed:

  1. ARRL Extra Class License Manual $25-30 local Club

  2. Scientific Calculator (TI36x Pro Is used in this class) -$20 Staples/Online

  3. (Optional) KB6NU Study Guide $10

Testing Requirements

  1. State Issued Photo ID

  2. ARRL Donation

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Materials

  1. Introduction PDF

Chapter 2

Chapter 4-1

Chapter 6-1

Chapter 6-2

Chapter 7-1

Chapter 9-2

Chapter 11

Practice Test 1

Practice Test 2

Good Luck on Your Exam!!

f.k.a. KK4HOR

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