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MCT Wireless Policies

With the ruling on net neutrality it is now legal for Internet Service Providers to discriminate against specific internet traffic. This means that your current ISP can charge extra to access certain services. If you have data connections back to your headquarters or other specific server or service, ISP's are allowed to block that traffic and charge more for access or not provide access at all. MCT Wireless believes that this is not internet access but a closed network connection with specific external routes. Internet access is defined by MCT Wireless as unrestricted access to global wide area networks on publicly accessible ip addresses. When ISP's offer internet access services, consumers believe that they will get full pubic network access and this is simply not the case. This is why MCT Wireless stands on the side of the consumer and guarantees to provide full public network access and provide security against data mining and collection.

  • MCT Wireless will not block Incoming or outgoing ports to client connections unless asked to do so by the client.

  • MCT Wireless will not throttle access to specific services or servers.

  • MCT Wireless will not implement  de-prioritization algorithms after a certain amount of data is used.

  • MCT Wireless does give full time priority to First-Responders or Government Organizations.

  • MCT Wireless reserves the right to deny service to an individual or organization.

  • MCT Wireless will not store content of users network traffic.

  • MCT Wireless may collect network usage data to better allocate bandwidth and test implementations of new routing algorithms.

  • MCT Wireless will not store location information.

  • MCT Wireless will not collect content data on applications that are internal or BLAZZE Applications.

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